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GOBAG - A Vacuum Compressible Carry-On Bag For Any Adventure



Go Bag Duffle, Max Pack Bag & Wash Bag


Carry-on duffel bag with a killer feature: a vacuum compression system that can compact your soft gear for any adventure.



GOB∆G’s simple and robust design is engineered to last a lifetime. The outer bag is constructed from only two pieces of TPU coated ballistic nylon, a material commonly used to make inflatable boats. This ‘less is more’ design approach is continued throughout the product.


The Full Edge Zip is a 2 meter long, durable YKK zip that runs along the outer edge of the front and side panels. This means more of your gear is next to the zip; you'll never have to dig around at the bottom of your bag again.

More zip. Less hassle.


The Max Pack Bag is the GOB∆G's killer feature. It's a welded bag made from TPU coated nylon with an integrated vacuum check valve to compress all your soft goods. Just throw your gear into the bag, seal it and compress it. You can compress the bag by either using a vacuum cleaner or compressing it by hand


The Max Pack Bag is fully removable. Just unscrew the check valve, release the attachments inside the GOB∆G, and pop the cap on, then you're ready to go.


We've had enough of those disposable plastic bags you get at the airport. Our integrated wash bag means an end to wasting time at airport security – your liquids and pastes are ready to go from the off. Just rip off the wash bag from its velcro attachment and you're good to go.




  • 1000d Codura Nylon is the ultimate in abrasion protection. We have placed it over the maximum wear areas like the base.
  • TPU Coated Ballistic Nylon the ultimate waterproof material. This is the stuff that inflatable power boats are made out of.
  • Carbon Steel G Hooks Forget those flimsy plastic buckles that you get on some bags. All of ours are made out of Carbon Steel.
  • Monkey Fist Zip Pulls Made from high tensile strength para cord. A knot that a salty sea dog would be proud of.
  • YKK Zippers Everyone knows that all the best gear uses YKK zips not some rubbish imitation. Zips matter!


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