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Personal Trauma Pouch (PTP)


The PTP helps to provide an immediate response to a medical incident.

Lightweight and discreet, it includes the very best in proven, effective equipment.

Contents include:


  • • Surgical Gloves for personal protection
  • • Face Shield for performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
  • • One handed tourniquet for early management of catastrophic limb haemorrhage
  • • Nasopharyngeal airways for simple airway support
  • • Russell Chest Seal to manage open chest wounds
  • • Olaes Modular Bandage - an excellent wound dressing with further haemorrhage control features
  • • Haemostatic dressing to assist with clotting of blood, thereby reducing blood loss
  • • Light stick to see or mark an injured persons location


The PTP can be discreetly fitted to a belt or it can be attached to the outside of equipment bags for added versatility. It also has a Velcro® closure and thumb loop, enabling it to be quickly opened and with a single hand.



  • Width 120mm
  • Length 170mm
  • Depth 70mm
  • Weight Fully Equipped 380g


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