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Major Haemorrhage Control Pack


The Major Haemorrhage Control Pack has been designed to contain the essential items to deal with major haemorrhage.

This equipment is recommended to be carried in all vehicles moving in violent environments, as part of Mass Casualty Planning.



  • 1x SOF TM Tactical Tourniquet  The latest evolution of the tactical tourniquet, shown to be 100% effective by a US Army Institute of Surgical Research evaluation.
  • 2 x Olaes® 4” Bandages  - The newest generation of trauma bandage designed with direct input by some of the most experienced combat medics in the world.
  • 1 x Blast® Bandage Blast Bandage® - Provides the ability to quickly package traumatic amputations, burns and large pattern wounds with minimal effort.
  • 1 x ChitoGauze® ChitoGauze® - A haemostatic gauze dressing with powerful effect, designed to control moderate to very severe haemorrhage.
  • 1 x Russell Chest Seal  - An innovative dressing for emergency management of penetrating chest wounds.



Pack Size 40cm x 24cm x 6cm

Weight  480g

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