“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery"

Current Vacancies 

Humanitarian Safety and Security Advisor (Ukraine)

To provide training and mentoring Summer 2019

  • Knowledge of Russian Language
  • Able to work in Kyiv and Eastern Ukraine
  • Daily consultancy rate for the engaged period
  • Per diems
  • Accommodation provided
  • Travel costs provided
  • Access to office space

Volunteer Assistant to the Finance Coordinator (United Kingdom)

Volunteer Assistant to the Finance Coordinator (Estonia)

Volunteer Assistant to the Finance Coordinator (Ukraine)

Volunteer Assistant to the Human Resources Manager

Partner Liaison Volunteer

Donor Liaison Volunteer

Information and Cyber Security Desk Support Officer (Volunteer)

Country Representative (United Kingdom)

Country Representative (Estonia)

Country Representative (Ukraine)

Program Support Volunteer (United Kingdom)

Program Support Volunteer (Estonia)

Program Support Volunteer (Ukraine)

Future Vacancies

Finance Manager

Finance Coordinator (United Kingdom)

Finance Coordinator (Estonia)

Finance Coordinator (Ukraine)

Partner Liaison Coordinator

Donor Liaison Coordinator

Information and Cyber Security Desk Officer

Country Representative (United Kingdom)

Country Representative (Estonia)

Country Representative (Ukraine)

Program Support Coordinator (United Kingdom)

Program Support Coordinator (Estonia)

Program Support Coordinator (Ukraine)

Бухгалтер (України) / Accountant (Ukraine)

Acceptance International Volunteer Positions would be suitable for

  • Those taking a break from the field, but wish to be engaged in meaningful, humanitarian assistance work
  • Injured and recovering personnel
  • Those returning to employment from maternity / paternity leave
  • Newly qualified graduates
  • Professionals transitioning in their professional career
  • Those studying similar fields especially in research based academic study
  • Those with plans or desire to travel and be engaged in international humanitarian work
  • Those motivated by the desire to contribute to projects with the intention of saving lives and alleviating suffering


  • Visa support when traveling for professional purposes
  • Positive references available on request (on completion of probationary period, and in line with required notice periods)
  • Full time consultancy rates of pay when engaged in short term projects and contracts
  • Accommodation and travel costs provided when traveling for organisation tasks, including a daily per diem
  • Daily Per diem in line with Humanitarian Organisation norms (paid by international transfer in United States Dollars)
  • Support for traveling and attending meetings and training with young children
  • Registration on the consultants and emergency deployment roster


Incoming mobile telephone and suitable phone network reception

Wifi internet connection

Laptop computer with microphone, speakers, skype Microsoft word, excel, internet browser and email access

Access to a vehicle would be an advantage

Fluent English language

For volunteer positions being able to commit to 4 – 10 hours of dedicated availability and work for the organisation per week.

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), carers, Military veterans, Refugees, those fleeing or seeking to flee Conflict and violence, those individuals injured or having experienced trauma as a result of Humanitarian or Public Service work, trafficked persons, survivors of domestic violence, and Women and parents with young children are particularly encouraged to apply.

Due to limited management and mentoring capacity within the organisation only nationals and residents of the following countries and territories will be considered for shortlisting at this time.

Afghanistan, Andorra, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Czechia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Russian Federation, San Marino, Serbia, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sweden, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Zimbabwe,

Previous Vacancies 

Finance Manager / Accountant - Based in Kiev, Ukraine with travel to Eastern Ukraine

(Able to submit documents to the State Fiscal Services of Ukraine) and manage finances. 

Mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) (Consultant) - Based in Ukraine

The MHPSS Consultant will provide support to Acceptance International staff and other Humanitarian workers. 

Safety and Security Advisor - Based in Eastern Ukraine

The Safety and Security Advisor will work to ensure the safety, security and well being of Acceptance International staff in the field

Safety and Security Advisor - Based in South Sudan

The Safety and Security Advisor will work to ensure the safety, security and well being of Humanitarian staff in the field

Safety and Security Advisor - Based in Bangladesh

The Safety and Security Advisor will work to ensure the safety, security and well being of Humanitarian staff in the field

Acceptance Building Officer A14

Acceptance Building Officer - Based in Donetsk City, Ukraine

Responsible for building and developing the Acceptance Approach to NGO Security Management.

Logistics Coordinator (Security Focal Point) A11  - based in Kiev, Ukraine

Procurement and logistical administration

Translator A15 working throughout Eastern Ukraine

Translation of documents and formal meetings from English to/from Russian and Ukrainian languages

Administration Assistant  - Based in Donetsk City

Responsible for supporting the Acceptance Building Officer in Donetsk with administrative tasks

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer working throughout Eastern Ukraine

HQ Desk Officer A10  Based in Warsaw, Poland with  the possibility of Travel

HQ Finance Coordinator A10 Based in Warsaw, Poland with  the possibility of Travel

HQ Security Director A10 Based in Warsaw, Poland with  the possibility of Travel

HQ HR Manager A10 Based in Warsaw, Poland with  the possibility of Travel

HQ Monitoring and Evaluation Manager A10 Based in Warsaw, Poland with  the possibility of Travel

Project Manager A10 working throughout Eastern Ukraine

Project Support Officer A14 working throughout Eastern Ukraine

Finance Manager A11 Based in Kiev Ukraine

Human Resources Manager A11 

Country Head of Program A6 Based in Kiev and working throughout Eastern Ukraine

Accountant A11 Based in Kiev, Ukraine

Driver A16 working throughout Eastern Ukraine

Responsible for safe transportation of Acceptance International staff

Monitor (Cleaner) working throughout Eastern Ukraine

Responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of portable toilets on the checkpoints in Eastern Ukraine 

Administration Assistant - Based in Kiev, Ukraine

Located in Kiev in order to support Acceptance International with Administration matters

Volunteer Human Resources Support Manager

A short term position to support the field based team to recruit and deploy staff quickly and effectively

Acceptance Building Officer - Based in Donetsk City, Ukraine

Responsible for building and developing the Acceptance Approach to NGO Security Management.

Administration Assistant

To conduct office based administrative tasks as directed by Acceptance International staff in a logical, professional and timely manner using one’s own initiative, modern technology and hard work.


Please see the website below for an introduction to Acceptance International.



The job is based in Kiev, Ukraine. While many tasks can be completed from a home base, movement around the city and to the office is expected.

Willingness to travel to Eastern Ukraine and other areas of instability would be an advantage, though not essential

Working hours

Usually 4 hours per day Monday to Friday however, due to the nature of the work irregular working hours may be required especially during crisis management and response to emergencies.

Essential Skills and Knowledge

(If you do not have any of these, do not apply):

· An interest in Humanitarian Activities and their principles.

· Willingness and indeed enthusiasm to adhere to both the ICRC Code of Conduct and Humanitarian Principles.

· An impartial working ethos especially is relation to the current situation in Ukraine.

· Understanding of the importance of neutrality and willingness to embrace the concept in all aspects of work

· Excellent organizational and time management skills with the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines while maintaining attention to detail

· Excellent computer literacy, including fast and accurate word processing, good presentation skills and use of e-mail, electronic diaries and online communication tools (Skype).

· Excellent verbal communication skills to deal with others tactfully and effectively over the telephone, in writing and in person

· High level of self-confidence and ability to work independently

· A flexible approach to work, an understanding of team working and the willingness to be an active and supportive member of the team

· An awareness of the challenges of distance support and cultural differences, and the ability to work in a collaborative and participatory way with colleagues

· Ability to solve problems and work under own initiative and see tasks through to completion, particularly when in a pressurized environment, ability to multi-task

· Good English and Russian language writing skills, with accurate grammar and spelling

· A good level of numeracy

· A commitment to equal opportunities

· Strong ability to plan and organize.

· The ability to understand, and execute complex written and verbal instructions.

· Maintain confidentiality at all times

· Honest and trustworthy with the highest standards of personal integrity

· Ability to remain calm and professional even during emergencies and stressful situations

· Deliver excellent and satisfactory customer service, externally and internally.

· High standards and good quality of work even under pressure and when required to adhere to tight deadlines.

Desired Skills and Knowledge:

· Ukrainian language skills

· Previous work in an office environment highly desirable.

· Certified translator English / Russian

· An educated understanding of the current situation in Ukraine, Syria, South Sudan, Kenya

· A knowledge of NGO’s, INGO’s, and governmental organisations’ active in Ukraine.

Role and Responsibilities

· Attending meetings with organisation members

· Budget preparation and reporting

· Budget Tracking for different projects

· Complete projects and special assignments by establishing objectives, determining priorities, managing time, gaining cooperation of others, monitoring progress, problem-solving, making adjustments to plans.

· Document translation or arrangement of document translation

· Event Management and Diary Management

· Maintaining files and records

· Maintaining a database of paperwork, documents and computer-based information

· Maintaining a schedule of meetings and appointments

· Maintaining an enjoyable and clean working environment

· Monitor office operations

· Ordering and maintaining equipment supplies

· Organizing both internal and external events as directed by Managers.

· Organizing Managers Diary’s

· Preparation of letters and emails

· Preparing reports, presentations, memorandums, proposals and correspondence

· Purchasing office supplies, clothing, luggage, stationary, books, DVD’s etc

· Schedule appointments and meetings for the Managers

· Scheduling interviews and meetings on behalf of the Managers as and when required.

· Set own work schedule, based on office requirements

· Sorting and distributing incoming emails and organizing and sending emails.

· Use of the internet and liaising with external contacts to book travel and accommodation

Qualifications and Educational Requirements

· Proven ability to learn and study (Degree level education ideal).

· Previous work experience supporting or assisting managers

· Proven ability to work independently.

· Must possess excellent organizational, grammar and very good oral and written communication skills.


To apply or for more information

Please email a brief covering letter, first confirming that you have the essential skills & knowledge and then outlining any other information you wish to be taken into consideration, to 


We will reply to each applicant and invite those who are qualified to continue the process.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process will be as follows

Stage 1 Application

Stage 2: Interview and Test / confirmation of claimed skills

Stage 3: contract – training

Donor Relations Manager

  • Able to work remotely and/or from home
  • Polite, professional, presentable
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Fluent in English and Russian Language. Ukrainian would be an advantage.

Location: Kiev, Ukraine with travel to Eastern Ukraine