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Landmines and Explosive Remnants of War - Practical Training

Practical Training

Our Landmine and Explosive Remnant of War (ERW) interactive training is held both in the classroom and outdoor.

It can be tailored to suit any level of the students, ranging from the introductory level to train the trainer for MRE dissemination.

A one day interactive package is advised to ensure all aspects are covered.

Contact us for rates or to discuss your requirements.


Learning how to avoid landmine and ERW incidents is the responsibility of each individual traveling to a mine / ERW affected area. 

Organisations however, also have a responsibility to ensure that everyone receives proper safety training before they commence working in their new environment.  

The ‘duty of care’ extends to nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that engage staff to work in areas where there is the threat of landmines or ERW. 

The Landmine and ERW safety training provides general landmine and ERW awareness and safety information to minimize the risk of accidents. 


“The numerous reports and images of antipersonnel mines and explosive devices capable of being victim-activated raises questions about the security of the stockpile of antipersonnel mines”

Human Rights Watch, 2015

"A mine-free world does not need to be a dream"

 Heather Mills

"... the long-lasting humanitarian impact of these inhuman weapons continues to deny communities the opportunity to rebuild long after the end of the conflicts." 
Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General