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The future of NGOs is to maintain continuity in operations by being self-sufficient. This ensures that organisations can fund themselves, rather then relying entirely on donor funding. One way that Acceptance-International seeks to do this is by providing in-demand equipment to Humanitarian Organisations which in turn enables training and equipment to be provided free of charge to Humanitarian Organisations as part of our programming.

Local suppliers are paid up front for equipment procured.

Local rather then international suppliers are used when ever possible

Funds from the Online Store are currently used in the following ways

  • Landmines and Explosive Remnants of War Training
  • Procurement of Medical Equipment and First Aid Kits for the use of Humanitarian staff when traveling in violent environments
  • Support to small International Non Governmental Organisations (INGO's) without access to funds for Security Management
  • Providing support to Local Non Governmental Organisations (LNGO's)

We currently provide the following types of equipment to Humanitarian Organisations operating in the field.

Communications Equipment

Satellite Telephones

BGAN - The Broadband Global Area Network global satellite internet network terminals
Satellite and GPS based tracking devices

First Aid and Medical Equipment 
Individual First Aid Kits
Trauma Kits
Vehicle First Aid Kits
Remote Medical Assistant Kits

Vehicle Kits
Mobile phone hands free kits for drivers
Emergency "Crash Box" to be carried in each vehicle

Emergency Equipment
Grab Bags / Bug out bags

Safe Rooms / Hibernation Rooms
Support and assistance to build and stock Safe rooms in field locations

Personal Protective Equipment
Body Armour and Helmets

For small International NGO's without access to funds for Security Management and Local NGO's our services may be available at reduced cost or free of charge.
If the above conditions apply, please CONTACT US for further information.