“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery"

Security Focal Points - Introduction

A Security Focal point is not a Security Manger, nor are they expected to be. 

In many organizations a Security Focal Point is appointed in order to be a "sponge" to absorb and share security information, and by policy is not expected to make programatic decision about "safe" or "unsafe" activity.

If used properly in coordination with Regional Security Managers, Global Security Directors and Country Directors, the Security Focal Point can be a incredibly useful and valuable team member.

Our training provides Security Focal Points with an outline of their roles and responsibilities as well as the limitations of their position.

We also provide tools to gather and disseminate information quickly and accurately to all staff up and down the management chain.

There is a practical element to the training, where attendees will practice the skills they have learnt.

One day package 

Usually a One to One training day, although a number of SFP's may attend

Rate: $450 per session. The Country Director and/or Security Manager are welcome to attend