“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery"

What we do

Acceptance International provides security support to Humanitarian Organizations in Hostile environments. 

How are we funded?

Acceptance International is a non-profit humanitarian organisation.

AI is not a private or commercial company.

Neither the organisation or any of its staff are authorized to make profit from any of the services delivered or support offered to Humanitarian Organisations.

Private Donations

Acceptance International accepts private donations for specific service delivery, which contributes to the safety and well being of Humanitarians operating in hostile environments.

Crowd Funding

Acceptance International accepts support for specific projects from Crowd Funding sources.


Acceptance International offers an alternative to international diaspora who wish to contribute to the safety of well being of those involved in Humanitarian Response, but do not wish to contribute funds to organisations which support or contribute to conflict.


In line with applicable law and regulations, Acceptance International may seek a fee for specific services delivered to NGO’s.

No more than 20% of annual funds may be used for sustaining the organisations (Acceptance International) operations.

Acceptance International is committed to paying applicable national taxes in line with local regulations.

Who do we support?

Acceptance International supports registered Humanitarian Organisations which adhere to the core Humanitarian Principles.

In addition, it essential that all those organisations which we support are signatories of the ICRC Code of Conduct.

Who do we not support?

We do not support Governments, Embassies, Private Companies as well as Humananitarian or Volunteer Organisations who directly provide assistance to the military or other belligerents in an armed conflict