“Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery"

Who we are

Turkana, Kenye
Normandy, France
Kiev, Ukraine

Who we are

Acceptance International (AI) is a non-governmental organization that provides support to Humanitarian Organisations that are programming in challenging and hostile environments.

Originally founded as a not-for-profit organization, Acceptance International is now an international non-governmental organization.

Acceptance International engages a team who contribute a range of complimentary experiences and skill sets.

Whilst watching the War unfold in Bosnia in 1992 we all saw governments and international organizations alike struggle to do or even understand what the “right thing to do” was during extremely difficult circumstances.

Alleged complicity of the International Community in the crimes committed during this period has been well documented.

It is our firm belief that had individuals on the ground been more willing or felt supported in their obligation to object to the crimes being committed at the lowest levels, many of those crimes may have not occurred.

The Humanitarian crisis which followed the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, confirmed the need for an Ethical and Moral approach to Security Management and strong support for Humanitarians responding to emergencies. 

The complexity of the Humanitarian response in Africa, the rise of extremism and the increase in the targeting of Humanitarians in the Middle East have all contributed to an extremely dangerous environment for Humanitarian staff. 

The traditional view that simply utilizing an acceptance approach has clearly not been working resulting in a reactive response to "bunker down" erecting barbed wire topped walls, or even employing armed guards. 

Humanitarian Security Management is a complex and ever changing concept. 

We work hard to support the humanitarian community from within, and provide suitable appropriate security support which drives essential programs forward, rather then restrict them.


ICRC Code of Conduct

Acceptance International is a signatory of the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Disaster Relief.


CIVICUS Membership

Acceptance-International is an Associate Member Organisation of CIVICUS and is committed to respecting the central values of: Justice and Equality, where all people are free to exercise their rights as citizens as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


INGO Accountability Charter 

Acceptance-International is committed to the principles of the INGO Accountability Charter and adherence to the commitments of accountability by international non-governmental organisations.

1. Respect for Human Rights

2. Independence

3. Transparency

4. Good Governance

5. Responsible Advocacy

6. Participation

7. Diversity/Inclusion

8. Environmental Responsibility

9. Ethical Fundraising

10. Professional Management


Why are there no names or photographs of staff on this page?

Our staff support Humanitarian Organisations in a wide range of contexts globally.

As one aspect of our recommendations - We deem online and social media security as of the utmost importance. 

We would be hypocritical if we then openly displayed such sensitive information online.

As a transparent and open organisation we welcome dialogue and discussion from actors across the Humanitarian space.

Please Contact Us for further information or to arrange a face to face meeting


All of our staff complement their field positions by staying abreast of relevant publications, maintaining a strong awareness of global and regional developments and new approaches to coordination.

Our team members are fully conversant in concepts such as Humanitarian Principles, the acceptance approach to NGO Security and are passionate advocates of considering the gendered nature of humanitarian security management.